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Real estate

immovable property, land lot, parcel of land, parcel of real property, plot, real property, realty – property consisting of houses, physical land and accessories attached to the land – Jaime is a professional real estate translator who delivers consistent results.

s. tierra | bienes raíces | finca raíz | inmuebles | bien inmobiliario | bienes inmuebles | finca propiedad (España) | propiedad inmobiliaria | propiedad horizontal | propiedad vertical –

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Flight risk

risk of flight – person whose high likelyhood to leave the country before a trial or bail hearing makes him elegible for bail denial

s. riesgo de huida | riesgo de escape | riesgo de fuga – persona cuya alta probabilidad de abandonar el país le hace apto para negarle la fianza –

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We provide professional translations for the hydrogeology industry which involve technical terminology in annual reports for several water districts.