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amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

amyotrophic lateral sclerosis |??ALS |??motor neuron disease |??Lou Gehrig disease |??Lou Gehrig’s disease -??neuromuscular wasting disease characterized by rapidly progressive weakness, muscle atrophy and fasciculations, muscle spasticity, dysarthria, dysphagia, and decline in breathing ability.

s. esclerosis lateral amiotr??fica | ELA | enfermedad de Lou Gehrig – enfermedad consuntiva neuromuscular caracterizada por debilidad progresiva r??pida,

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super moon

supermoon | perigee new moon | perigee full moon – term coined by the astrologer Richard Nolle – full moon at its closest distance to Earth in its elliptic orbit, called a perigee.

s. superluna | s??per luna – t??rmino acu??ado por el astr??logo Richard Nolle – luna llena en su punto de ??rbita el??ptica m??s cercano a la Tierra,

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Dizionario Inglese Spagnolo di Jaime Aguirre

Dizionario Inglese Spagnolo di Jaime Aguirre – Diccionario de ing??s y castellano por Jaime Aguirre

Read, learn and apply… a linguistic treasure trove. An ever-growing and must-have English-Spanish resource for linguists, interpreters, translators, bilingual people, polyglots, litigating attorneys, doctors, healthcare providers, applied English and Spanish learners; all available at the tips of your fingers on your smartphone or tablet,

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lunar terminator – terminador lunar

lunar terminator -??shadow line dividing day from night

terminador lunar -??l??nea de sombra que divide el d??a de la noche

We provide English-Spanish interpreting services??in the Orlando metropolitan area, have been providing English-Spanish translation services to the local, national and international business community in??many industries into and from most languages since 1980.

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