zombie deer disease – chronic wasting disease caused by prions and characterized by weight loss, no fear of humans, thirst and increased salivation and ultimately, staring vacantly as it starves to death. It affects deer, elk, moose and other members …

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Native English-Spanish Translator

leptospirosis | swamp fever | Weil’s disease | Weil’s syndrome | canicola fever | canefield fever | nanukayami fever | 7-day fever | Rat Catcher’s Yellows | Fort Bragg fever | Pretibial fever | acute bacterial infection transmitted to humans …

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cryptosporidium | protozoan pathogen of the Phylum Apicomplexa which causes a diarrheal illness called cryptosporidiosis – s. criptosporidio – pat??geno protozoario del filo Apicomplexa, el cual causa una enfermedad diarr??ica llamada criptosporidiosis – Download the Spintra Pro Bidirectional English-Spanish Dictionary …

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1st quarter update of the Eng-Spa Dictionary for 2017 - 20,864 words

Dizionario Inglese Spagnolo di Jaime Aguirre – Diccionario de ing??s y castellano por Jaime Aguirre Read, learn and apply… a linguistic treasure trove. An ever-growing and must-have English-Spanish resource for linguists, interpreters, translators, bilingual people, polyglots, litigating attorneys, doctors, healthcare …

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halophile – salt-loving extremophile microorganism that flourishes in saline environments s. hal??filo – microorganismo extrem??filo amante de la sal que crece en entornos salinos Download the FREE Bidirectional English-Spanish Dictionary with over 2 million words in both languages. Native linguistic …

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