The Bidirectional English-Spanish Dictionary by Jaime Aguirre is updated quarterly and now contains over 2 million words in both languages, including, but not limited to acronyms, automotive, business, clinical, computers, culinary, IT, financial, legal, medical, nautical, scientific, technical terminology, jargon and more, much more. This electronic dictionary is barrier-breaking not only because of its volume but because it includes American, British and Australian English terminology as well as Latin American and peninsular Spanish, making it an immense and ever-growing linguistic resource perfect for the healthcare industry, law offices and litigating attorneys, aspiring and professional interpreters and translators, consultants, academic curricula at schools, colleges and universities, government educational programs at national and local levels, English and Spanish as a second language programs at bilingual schools, private tutoring and at the executive level, English and Spanish for international travelers, entrepreneurial projects, publishing firms, philanthropic educational endeavors, perks, marketing, promotional programs for customer loyalty and retention campaigns for airlines, international corporations, keyword-based projects at visionary software developing companies, open-source databases, iOS, Android, Windows apps for tablets, smartphones, etc., targeting over 422 million Spanish speakers in 21 countries, including Spain, the United States and Puerto Rico.

The latest PDF version can be purchased here

The iOS version for iPhone and iPad can be found at the Apple store. Android and Windows versions could be available later.

I am also selling the rights to publish, sell and distribute the latest release of the English-Spanish dictionary, which has over 2 million words in both languages, 3,700 full-size 8 x 11 pages (8 reams) at 4 columns, and will be delivered as a text file, ready to be converted into an Excel file and imported into a database for use in apps, etc.

New pairs of entries are added every day in both languages, the content is of proven quality for all ages and the applications and possibilities are enormous. I am also willing to negotiate the continuous production of content.

5% of the proceeds will go to a charity on your behalf and mine.

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