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constructive dismissal

constructive discharge | constructive termination – resignation by the employee as a result of the hostile work environment created by the employer – s. despido constructivo – renuncia del empleado a raíz del entorno laboral hostil creado por el empleador

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pyometra | pyometrea

life-threatening infection characterized by the accumulation of pus within the uterus of a cat, a dog, or a woman, due to hormonal, anatomical or physiological changes after a heat cycle where there is no pregnancy – s. piometra – infección potencialmente fatal caracterizada por la acumulación de pus en el útero de una gata,

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kakistocracies | state governed by the least qualified and most unscrupulous persons

s. caquistocracia – pa??s gobernado por los menos calificados y los m??s inescrupulosos

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